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Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Right

Brightbart is called a racist by most people with his recent attempt to divide the nation with his Sherrod edited video. Does this show us just how desperate that he, that he has to once again make up stories and pad them with lies? Yet the Right takes him seriously. They believed him when he made up the prostitute and pimp tapes fro Acorn, all of which were found to be edited lies. Fox News ran with that too. Is is fairly easy to see that those on the Right either want to believe him or are themselves racists and agree with this type of sleazy false reporting?
The Right is always going to be a racist element in our society. It is a shame that to be Conservative these days you must put up with these racist elements. The Tea Party is a good example of how they just turn a blinds eye on racism. They deny it exists amongst them.
He is the worst kind of racist. Even Sherrod does not forgive him, she said people like him are out to divide the nation. She is correct, What is a shame is that many on the Right take his word for gold. This scumbag should be

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