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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why do you personally believe illegal immigrats should

now i dont mean what the news or anti illegal groups say, i want to know how u were personally affected by an act of an illegal.

i personally believe everyone should be giving a chance. everyone (yes even u white people) were illegal in this country. no one is technically legal here in the u.s if u go back generations.

but again thats my opinion
Hmmmm. Interesting. I keep reading over and over how

Who has more money, the Vatican or Masons?

The Vatican. Their art alone is probably worth billions.

i guess
The Knights Templar.

They only think that all of us were killed, fooled you.
The secrete society of evil and illegal MASONS.
At the core, they are both one and the same.

Do Americans think that British Servicemen fighting in the Afghan war on terror?

are only playing a Junior role? David Cameron thinks that in WWII Britain was the junior partner in the war against Hitler. Is he right and does that still apply today?
Honestly, some naive Americans think so. American servicemen, however, do not. The United States and Great Britain are allies. The British are there in support of the

Why is everyone excusing Sherrod of racism because of a slightly different ending being expanded by the video?

IF it was a tape of a white person in a government position saying

If you were Stalin, how would you fight Hitler?

Now, 27 million Soviets died partly as a result of Stalin

Socialists and Communists, what a joke huh?

Without government what are they? The commies have no community and the socialists have no social network. Funny how they bash the the churches who have both isn

How can me and my boyfriend get married on a fiance visa?

he is 16 living in england and i am 17 living in the usa. he is going to college for a year and i am going to collge too. so after a year he wants to move but i think he would have to wait till he is 18? idk and how am i suppose file for a fiance visa if i dont have an income but i live with my parents that make 130,000 a year so could that work as an income? plz people HELP!!!!
Once you are 18, go ahead and file for his K-1 Visa, using your parents as a co-sponsor, or someone else who makes the minimum required for a two-person household.

Your parents make enough, so you will be fine to have them co-sponsor your boyfriend when he becomes your fiance. You will also have to fill out a sponsor form (form I-134), even though you are a student.
also thank you a whole lot for taking up for us =]

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and do you have msn or anything just in case i have another question you have been such a big help =]

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You both have to be 18...
This has to be a joke. Waiting for the punch line.
You don