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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Would you fight in an armed revolution?

No. I'm too old. But I'll be a sniper if the wrong side gets too close to my place.

If circumstances called for it, yes.

For those not paying attention, we are indeed seeing the slender threads that hold the fabric of our country together unravel.

I predicted violence on the border well over a year ago, and it has come to pass. Urban centers such as Detroit are rapidly in decline and are becoming medieval as we speak.

Should the shi truly hit the fan, I am prepared and armed.

My forefathers fought in the first one and that was over a tax on tea, so I don't personally see any less responsibility today than to fight in one today, especially the way this government is going.

My fighting would be in defense of the original Constitution which has basically been taken out back of the capital building, where the Congressmen go to relieve themselves on a regular basis, laughing all the way.

I will protect my rights when threatened. First, legally and through diplomatic measures. Yet, I, am an armed an trained individual who will adamantly protect what is mine. With the current direction of this administration and its attempts to confiscate illegally some of my (our) assets and redistribute them, this is a position I think more will find themselves in.

It would be nice if more people were willing to give their life for their country for a legitimate cause. I'm in.

Problem is, who leads such an act of patriotism? If there's no money to be made in it, it's damn near impossible to find someone to head that movement...

If it was against a tyranny of a Government that was doing wrong to its people, yes. That is exactly why our forefathers gave us the second amendment........the right to bear arms.

If we are fighting the tyranny of the Kenyan Usurper, sure. Always wanted to go out in a blaze of glory.

Depends on the Revolution.

yes, legally, the right to bear arms for a militia to protect our rights.

if it was to protect our rights given us under the constitution.absolutely i would.

Getting ready, willing and able.

If the cause was a just one yes.

no, i'll just go but to my native korea.

Do you have to be a resident of a city to be selected for jury duty?

Do you have to be a resident of a city to be selected for jury duty?

Or can you be selected if you're a resident of a suburb of the city?

(NOTE: my question is only what I have asked. Do not answer anything about residency/ registration/ etc. If I wanted to know about that too I would have asked.)

Courts are usually administered by COUNTIES, not by cities.

So if you live outside the city, but are still in the same COUNTY,

then you are a resident and can be selected.

And the courts have enough to do.

They don't go outside their jurisdictions to look for people.

Based upon your restrictions you put upon my answer, no. It depends upon WHO is requesting your service.

if you are a registered voter,or a home owner is how they draw your name.

Yes you can. We live in the country and both of us have been called.

Americans: I have two questions?

1: Do you know the pledge of allegiance by heart?

2: How old are you?

yes and my age really is not any of your business. Let me ask you a question. Do you know your bill of rights and what it means, how about the United States Constitution. Just curious to know if you are just asking this question to waist time or do you really CAre about the significance of this.

I do know the pledge of allegiance

"I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

I am 15

yes, we had to "pledge our allegiance" everyday in school, all the way from kindergarten through high school....that's like 13 years of straight pledging!!!

...i'm 21 by the way.




I do in deed and have known it by heart for many years.

1) You bet your A--.

2) none of your business.

1. Yes

2. 20

1. yes

2. 19

1. yes

2. 30

Of course, though I am sure the NEA hates the mere mention of God!

Yes, and 19.

Yes and I do pledge my allegiance. I am 47.










Almost everyone I know has been summoned but I never have. I always thought it was because you had to be registered to vote and I am not.

What are the requirements to be summoned for Jury Duty?

Your name on any public list such as driver's license, voting, property tax roles. You have just been lucky. You can always send a request the the Head Juror of your court system and volunteer.

Any ideas on organizations?

I need opinions on organizations I can join that are linked to politics. I want to be in one that is conservative. I am from Washington State.

Young Republicans if there is a group like that on your local college campus.

What should I put on my tax day tea party poster?

looking for any catchy phrases. Thanks

PHUCK OBAMA------------(i hope that helps)

The beatings will continue until morale improves


I, feel like a legged man in an asss kicking contest.

Ive been hunting around for the same thing... i am considering "YOU work for US", but hoping I come up with something better. Congrats to you for participating!

hang-em high!!!

Why not just appoint all black black people in government to make up for all the injustice and pain?

Appointments and reparation payments for the 400 years of lynchings and slavery, rapes, shootings and whippings. That is the change we can believe in, right?

Im black and I do not make excuses. Slavery is done and over with..it is now an equal world whether or not you like it

If we are doing it for African Americans we should also do it for women.

But I am not necesarilly for either or both. I think we should leave the issue alone. Let things take their course. We should not force change. It will happen on its own. Plus, what does that say about us? We are willing to limit the freedoms of whites to give blacks more opportunity? That is not equal. And no, I do not believe in affirmative action either.

Every racial and ethnic group struggled when arrived in America. Yes, some more than others, but nevertheless we should not take away liberties from others to give the "less fortunate" ones more power.

Because government's job is too important to use as some kind of racial balancing act. We need the best people to hold government positions. Nominations and appointments should not be made on something so arbitrary as the color of one's skin.

What about all the soldiers killed in the Civil War...made to fight in all those hellish battles..........appoint all relatives of Civil War soldiers in government

Nobody's suggesting that. It does nothing to make it up to past victims who are no longer alive.

So, if you like Zimbabwe, go and live there. What a shining example for all black people!

so the country can end up like detroit, yeeeaaahhhh lol

Has this happened to anyone else in the politic section?

I am just simply amazed at the audacity and flat out ignorance of some people...not too mention lack of maturity...I got home today checked my messages and my emails as I always do and in my in box it stated I have a message from another Y! answer user...baffled as to why any one would send me a message I open it up...and lo and behold it is a guy bragging that he was just given the best answer on a question that I apparently called him out on.....I never laughed so hard before in my life...Then he says sorry about your 3 thumbs down I got to go slap some more pubs around....wtf? Now mind you it took a minute to remember what ? it was and what it was about...so finally when I did recall it I went back and checked it and what is even funnier is his answer was VOTED best by 2 people....so technically 1 because I am pretty sure he voted for himself....any way just wondering if this was the norm....still laughing...

I have had a few haters send me messages. I like them, which is why I keep email available, they are very entertaining. I have answered emails but I have never instigated an email.

I think people get a bit caught up in all this and certainly give far too much credence to what we think of one another. I also suspect the guy who emailed you, doesn't get out much!

You should feel sorry for him, especially as he plays right into the hands of those who oppose his political ideology because he is clearly to everyone else a total **** and yet he is representing his party!

I always get messages from people trying to force their side of an argument on me, but they don't allow e-mails so there's no way for me to respond. And yes, you guessed it, I'm a Conservative and these Liberals are scared I might actualy write them back if they allow me to.

No, the norm to to block your email in Y!A so you don't get spammed by these imbeciles.

some ppl are just stupid.

Eradicating commercials.?

i HATE the majority of television. what could i do to eradicate AT THE VERY LEAST the commercials? i don't want corporate assholes plugging their products into my television. i am watching to enjoy myself and they have no right to invade on my relaxation. we only have so many hours in a day- let my weekends be free of their bullshit!

how would i even begin to go about eradicating commercials from existence? they really piss me off. i have a ridiculously low-self esteem based on my appearance, since i am a girl (and most girls i know have the same problem) and i blame it on too much television- more so regarding in my youth when my mom and dad were very busy and sometimes had to resort to the tv as a babysitter.

you can either watch it or be completely out of touch with people today. i am trying to abandon television in favor of reading, but i end up being excluded in social gatherings because my friends all watch and are obsessed with the tv. even our ideals are drastically different, and theirs happen to reflect almost perfectly what the tv tells us to value. it is hard to be reasonably intelligent in these times.

i want, at the very least, commercials out of our homes. how would i even go about pulling something as impossible as this off?

You can probably get Obama to nationalize T.V.

How do you think television networks make money? They SELL ADVERTISING. Deal with it.

How is AC/DC and Obama alike?

First correct answer gets 10 points.

They are both on a Highway to Hell?

They both have CURRENT former Bush policies that originated in HELL.

They are both taking us down the "Highway to Hell"

they rock

they suck?

Why would we need the Amero?

I understand the concept of north america having a common currency, but what reasons do we need to switch to the amero?


It's a fictional idea that wouldn't benefit the US because (at least before the recession it was huge but it's still big now) we get all the benefit from our currency being so important.

Look it up on Wikipedia.

Which country has the best doctors?

A Russian doctor says, "In my country medicine is so advanced

we can take half a heart out of one person put it in another and have

them both looking for work in six weeks."

A German doctor says, "That's nothing, we can take a lung out

of one person put it in another and have him looking for work in

four weeks."

An Israeli doctor says, "Medicine in my country is so advanced

that we can take a kidney out of one man put it in another and have

him looking for work in two weeks".

The American doctor, not to be outdone, says, "You guys are

way behind. We just took a man with no brains out of Chicago, put

him in the White House and now half the country is looking for work!"

We may have the best doctors.. but no one can afford them.

that's your opine and it sucks but you can post it here without being decapitated god bless america the land that I love

Are Americans passive cowards?

Europeans kidnapped company executives after they announced layoffs. They are refusing to allow bailouts. They are marching on their capitols. We're pissy, but we're not stopping the bailouts. Does that make us wimps?

It seems that we can easily go into another country and bomb it to pieces, but when it comes to sticking up for our own rights on our own soil, we bend over and take it.

Say what you will about the Weathermen and Panthers of the 1960's, but they were not wimps.

What do you think?

We're not necessarily cowards, but we are definitely passive. We all want the bailouts and all these "big" "solutions" to work, but the reality is that we should have become active long ago.

We cannot wait until the whole of government is in shambles to begin to try to fix it.

We become active locally! You become involved. You volunteer in local elections, you go to your representatives hearings. I've been to local hearings in Tucson where our City Reps are looking for ideas, and there will be 30 people there. 30!! And they'll advertise these meetings. I've volunteered in local elections, we'd be voting for city ordinances in a town of 800,000 (depending on the time of year) and we would have 500 people show up.

Very sad, very passive.

The liberals have made it so we can't stand up for anything. We would be protested for protesting bailouts.

Cities are like fear factories IMO.

Only when people unite and love one another can we overcome this issue.

Look into www.cuttingthroughthematrix.com

Yes, we are kinda wimpy. We're always worried about hurting someone's feelings (political correctness) and we're too chickenshit to take back our govt.

we are waiting for a hero to step up---someone to gather the people together

where are the weathermen and panthers now ?.....Mmmm... oh yeah some have gotten out of prison.....some are still there.....and what changes did they get passed ?.....aside from life in prison ?

Only in the blue states

Should bankers be lynched next week at the g20?

for their crimes against humanity

No, I think they should ALL be forced to sleep with my skank ex-wife

Bankers and Political Cohorts.

Wouldn't that be awesome. I'd regain my faith in humanity

Where are we organizing?


are often the ones who advocate hate crimes? For example: Vandalizing churches and synagogues, assaulting people for not supporting an opinion, death threats...

Yep, I have seen that same thing.

Ummm... where are you getting your information? I don't advocate vandalism based on religious beliefs, nor do I support assault for any reason. Crime is crime, and if it's motivated by religious belief, sexuality, gender, or ethnicity, it's a hate crime. Duh.

You're taking a big leap that cannot be supported by facts.

Uh, and you are basing this on WHAT? I don't think many vandals advocate for hate crime laws...

YES! Keep fighting FACTS!! Evidence and logic is for nerds!!


Why do people sign online petitions they don

I've seen so many petitions where people actually sign it just so they can add in a comment that they disagree with it. Don't they realize they're still putting their name to it and if the petition does ever go anywhere they might just skim over the comments and they could actually count as having signed the petition?

I don't know. I've never heard of anyone doing this. Why would they bother?

Where and when are the London G20 protests scheduled to take place this Thursday?

London on Wednesday.


Non Violent!

As if you were in a funeral cortge!

Just so you don't end up being Target Practice for the Taser boys!

Erm, Nottingham on Tuesday? I think.

and your flight is when....smile

Please list all the positives of having one

So there is a fairly good chance my license will be suspended for two years due to an unfortunate traffic stop which exposed my severe lack of responsibility when it comes to maintaining things like insurance, valid registration, valid license.. yeeeah.

I hired a lawyer but I don't have much hope. In order to keep myself from getting depressed, I've been coming up with some positives.. here's what I have so far:

1. The fines I'll inevitably have to pay will benefit the state of New Jersey which in turn will benefit the economy, so in a way this will be a positive for humanity. Yay!

2. I'll have to walk a lot more, so I'll probably lose weight! Yay!

3. My car will be used a lot less (my fiance will still drive it though) so less pollution.. I'm saving the environment! Yay!

4. Less money spent on gas! Yay!

5. I'll have to ask people for rides to various places, so this will strengthen my relationships! Yay!

Do you have any more? I think with enough effort I could actually look forward to having my license suspended.

Driving is dangerous, expensive and unhealthy.

1. Ride your bike.

2. Walk where ever you can.

3. Learn to roller blade.

4. Cross country ski if it snows where you live.

(I live in Alaska and many people ski to work...no kiddin'.)

5. Save all the money you would other wise spend - gas, oil changes, insurance, maintenance, repairs.

6. Impulsive spending will be to a minimum - no drive throughs, bags and bags of shopping, no car pic-nics, stops for fast food or convenience store drinks, etc.

7. Adds to your character...instead of telling people you lost your license make it your idea..cuz you want to be "green".

8. You are contributing to your part in cleaning up the environment.

9. Save up the money and take yourself on vacation in 2 years to someplace really sweet.

10. Buck up and accept responsibility...you broke the law and this is what you get. Makes you a better person to do as expected and refrain from driving for the duration. Many people drive on a suspended license breaking the law even further and get tickets for doing the very thing they did to loose their license to begin with which endangers other drivers and pedestrians. Speeding is not a joke. Something bad happens and you can't stop...Blam! Somebuddy is dead or maimed for life. Don't you ever watch Dateline or 20/20? Well, that can't be you now because you have learned your lesson BEFORE its too late and because of stupidity and carelessness something unretractable has NOT happened. How 'bout that for a positive.

11. There are some really interesting people to meet on public transit.

12. It's Spring so you can get in shape before the next Winter weather hits and your are freezing your *** off.

If you have a severe lack of responsibility on the road then having you off the road could save someones life and you going to prison for vehicular manslaughter, something you would have to live with for the rest of your life. I'm sure you didn't want to hear this but it is what it is and you asked for it...

It's very eco friendly!

It great exercise!

im not so sure #5 would strengthen your relationships

playing taxi sometimes can be taxing on people nerves and free time

are you insane nothing positive

people like you probably drive like morons too, so this will save countless lives

I have a valid license but I don't drive.

You should have less insurance, but you already beat that.

You will connect with your fellow man more. I don't know about New Jersey but I'm sure you can imagine a few of you fellow men in the New London area you might not want to connect with better.

Commune with nature more: More wildlife sightings, more double rainbows, more fireball spottings. Of course a great deal of the wildlife is defunct and funky, rainbows accompany rain, and meteors are mostly spotted late at night.

Oh and walking improves regularity.

How can I become an activist?

How do I start? What else must I do?

All you need to do is actively promote a certain political party, idea, or issue position that you believe in. You can do so by participating in rallies, by putting up signs, by joining a political party, by running for office, or even simply voting would qualify as political activism.

Find a cause you're a firm believer in, then find local chapters/ clubs associated with that cause. Special interest groups usually launch mass public relations campaigns and show you how to start on a net-root/grass-root level.

First learn how to read a teleprompter...then take over a major corporation in the name of the people and run it into the ground

Start with meeting William Ayers

Support the FairTax, H.R. 25 www.fairtax.org

Step out on a public sidewalk and carry your own sign.

Which statement was more destructive?

AR Antulay and Varun Gandhi have recently made statements which are contrary to the basic fabrics of democracy(not my opinion).However am anxious to know the pulse of the civil society. Which was most say destructive,offensive or whatever name you give. And also remember that the former is from Madams stable and the latter a budding saffron flower.The choice is yours.

A R Antulay has actually spit on the face of this country's majority community on the basis of whose never-ending patience and tolerance Antualy and the likes of him have flourished . in no other country, minorities enjoy such status. Varun Gandhi is a reaction to the peole like Antulay, Abu Azmi and Imam Bukhari whose ingratitude has made the majority community's patience finally run out.

Antulay can not be touched as he has claimed officially that he made Sonia Maino the head of Congress ar 4 Janpath road. Second reason being he has the Muslim vote bank.As is usually said it the stupid common man who suffers in any case. The Congress spokesperson distanced himself from the statement but did not in any way disclaimed it.

Varun is the the guy who has accepted what he said and that is the quality required by todays standards,his view expressed like it or not.

Please read what he has said and you will pity the soul.

antulay statement was unfortunate while varun was communal.sharad pawar was unintentional.today manmohan washed hands off varun issue saying nsa was state matter centre cannot interfere.yesterday mulayam said sonia was blackmailing him and laloo to support her.sonia is pressurising mayawati to slap nsa on varun.

I think both are equally destructive but in different dimensions.

Antulay was never constructive.

Pseudo Seculars are scared of muslims

pseudo secularism is dangerous for the nation

How can we fulfill Che Guevara

He had a dream of a free world, but his surrogate have made the world even worse. How can we revive his aims?

Che was every thing but a murderer sociopath. Read some books about him and then start to criticizing him. He always tried to suppression the kills, he even released the captives he got trough the battles. He had no other choice. But the people who call themselves the democrat people murdered him in Bolivia. Every body know the trace of US in his assassination.

Che was a great human that never lied. He never lied like all of the goddamn lier politicians.

I love him and I worship his intentions.

Hasta la victoria siempre comandante Che Guevara!

Dorood bar Che!

If facing the end of a rifle for standing up to government is what you call freedom, you can keep it. Che was a murdering sociopath, and why Hollywood loves him I will never know, because Che hated artists of all kind. He would have Johnny Depp digging a ditch, and pistol whipped if he stopped to wipe the sweat off his brow.

Che was an oppotunistic spoiled brat from a rich family who accomplished absolutely nothing in his lifetime. He was even turned on and betrayed by his followers. His only accomplishment was having a neat T-Shirt Design.

Don't worry, the Revolution is coming...when people get sick and tired of being sick and tired, then they'll do something different!

He had good intentions, but he was wrong.Humans are too egotistical to be socialists. Only the ones who have nothing want to share.

Hasta la victoria siemp! ~ Ernesto Che Guevara

Dig him up, shoot him again and then feed his carcass to the pigs.

To some he was great, to me he was a murderer.

Che was a great man to some people

What's so free about a Communist society?

i sure hope we can't

Does Varun Gandhi has a personal website?

I want to know more about BJP leader Varun Gandhi. Does he have his own webpage?



poulami u mean "communalism" well supposedly.

he does not have a personal website.he's cute though

Don't know. Who cares?

r u influenced by him ?????

don't think so! He is busy in racism!

Ammunition availability and the Second amendment?

If youre a buyer of ammunition and laws are passed that require background checks for ammunition purchases, finger prints IDs and such and/or the cost of the ammunition purchased comes with a 500% mark up (a $15-$20 dollar box would sell for around $130) some would consider this to be an encroachment on your second amendment guarantees.

No where does the second amendment make any references to, the access of ammunition and as some long time second amendment supporters have suggested, restricting the sale of ammunition could effectively disarm the nation. Many states already have restrictions on certain types of ammo including armor piercing and incendiary types of ammunition but many fear federal state and local governments may attempt to eradicate crime by restricting all ammunition purchases and if you have recently tried to make ammo purchases, you may have noticed recent shortages.

The question is; Would the government be violating the spirit of the secound amendment by forcing up the price of ammunition? and Since the bill of rights is in place to protect the rights of citizens, does the government have the right to create laws that limit or restrict ammunition sales?

Yes it would contravene the Second Amendment. Ammunition is an arm just as much as the firearm itself. I don%26#039;t see how a Supreme Court that decided the Heller case could countenance such a cynical attempt to disarm the people. But sadly crazier things have happened before.

Yes it certainly would violate the intent and spirit of the 2nd amendment. All the more reason for more shooter to take up the hobby of reloading their own ammunition.

What ever the case is God has the upper hand in it all. They can%26#039;t do anything without God allowing it.Just my point of view about it. I put my trust in God and not man or government.

Yes they would. But since I have thousands and thousands of rounds, I think my great-great-grandkids will still be using it long after I am gone.

I%26#039;m a well stocked reloader.

Don%26#039;t bother me a bit.

I%26#039;m prepared.

If they put a 500 dollar tax on every word that came out of your mouth would that be a violation of the first amendment?



To save this country from the corruption of South America

They were not Americans


Actually they were Texans and would have and did object to the idea of Texas being part of the US. They were for the Republic of Texas and died for Texas Independence primarily from Mexico but would have fought the inclusion of Texas in to the US if it had been a consideration at the time.

What kind of a question is this? Americans you gave their life to the last man who fought at the alamo?

They died fighting for the Republic of Texas, not the U.S. of A.

Serving Jury Duty in Nebraska?

I'm 19 weeks pregnant and received forms to be present for jury duty. However my uncle is a police officer and I support the officers so would I still have to go even though I will automatically be against the defendant? And I am also involved in another case where I'm prosecuting someone else in the same court house, just different dates and the cases do not involve each other. Thank for any input!

Call the Clerk of the Court and explain the situation. I doubt they would immediately disallow you, but you can check. Have you been called to jury duty or are you just filling out the form we receive as eligible candidates to fill out our personal information?

I personally receive the forms every year, but I am immediately withdrawn from the pool as I am involved in law enforcement. The defense doesn't ever want me on a jury because of what I do for a living.

Best answer. Fill out the form and return it and call the Clerk of the Court immediately come Monday.

I don't see how one case has to do with another.It is your civic duty to report.

You need to go and tell what you said here.*

Can a 16 year old write to a representative legally?

Right now, I'm writing a letter to my representative online, asking her to support a bill.

It wants me to fill in all this information though, like my address, and contact information.

Two questions:

1. Under "Prefix", what am I suppose to put? I'm not exactly a "Mr." yet, I'm just 16.

2. Will people actually try to contact me? Is that realistic?

There is no age requirement.

If you are male, you are a "Mr."

They ask your address because they want to know if you live in the member's district.

All of the members do it.

And yes, you will receive a reply.

It will be a form e-mail in the member's name.

The member doesn't actually read all the messages, but does get a daily summary of how many messages he/she gets, what the topics are, what people say, etc.

You can give your age or not, it's up to you.

Relax. You are participating in your government.

You have every right - and responsibility - to do so.

And I hope you will continue for the rest of your life.

Well, you are too old to be a Master, so Mr will do.

Usually they will email a confirmation. That's all.

Keep writing!

Good luck, there..... Mister.

edit: Dear Congressperson,

I am a student and 16 years old.

I am writing about: yada, yada, yada.


umm you can write them sure.. but they wont take your ideas into consideration because they know you cant vote for anyone.. now someone that is 18 or older and writes to the representatives and states that they vote and will vote this next caucus or election.. then they may get more responses

doing worry about it, just do it.

What if this administration is deliberately erroding the constitution,?

when is it considered treasonous, and does the military have the power to stop these imposter's as a last resort to maintain the Constitution. Wheres Gen' Patraeus?

Listen closely.

The constitution is going to die really really soon. It's not this administration, it's ALL administrations. They WANT the constitution irradicated, they WANT the economy to fail.

They have been looking for a reason to introduce a "new" type of government for a very long time now. They are all in it together.

Please look into things that the mainstream media refuses to talk about. Watch movies like Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo, and The Obama Deception by Alex Jones. Open your mind enough to at least watch them, and then double check the information they give you, and try your best to debunk it. Chances are, you can't, and that's when you realize what is true and what isn't

Nothing is as it seems, you'll see.

Green cheese!..ha ha. good one Debbie.

oh, and what if the moon is made of green cheese? don't be ridiculous

Khalistan movement is increasingly growing in strength; is Khalistan still a viable proposition?

It is only a matter of time; Raj Karega Khalsa!

Khalsa can rule all planets, whole universe and every heart if they contemplate Gurbani, main point is following Gurmat

shut up. never gonna happen. remember Kama Sutra is from India.