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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Is it time for some in Washington to live among us and get a life?

Sheila Jackson Lee....Vietnam is ONE Country not North and South. Maybe she has been in Washington too long..............................

When Americans realize that they are the boss and Washington beaurocrats are the employees, only then will things change. Time for a change, and the purse strings need to be drawn shut by the people who are in charge, and they are not politicians.
Absolutely, yes. But too many are addicted to the Washington lifestyle and become lobbyists when their term is up. They never go back home, and no longer identify with the people they are supposed to serve.
There are many traits required in order to win the votes of an uneducated public. Intelligence is not one of them. That explains (at least in part) why the congress as a whole is much dumber than the general population.
This nit picking tit for tat trash needs to stop.

We all make verbal mistakes and the more you talk the more you can make. As long as you don

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