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Thursday, July 22, 2010

How can me and my boyfriend get married on a fiance visa?

he is 16 living in england and i am 17 living in the usa. he is going to college for a year and i am going to collge too. so after a year he wants to move but i think he would have to wait till he is 18? idk and how am i suppose file for a fiance visa if i dont have an income but i live with my parents that make 130,000 a year so could that work as an income? plz people HELP!!!!
Once you are 18, go ahead and file for his K-1 Visa, using your parents as a co-sponsor, or someone else who makes the minimum required for a two-person household.

Your parents make enough, so you will be fine to have them co-sponsor your boyfriend when he becomes your fiance. You will also have to fill out a sponsor form (form I-134), even though you are a student.
also thank you a whole lot for taking up for us =]

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and do you have msn or anything just in case i have another question you have been such a big help =]

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You both have to be 18...
This has to be a joke. Waiting for the punch line.
You don

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