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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Why do you personally believe illegal immigrats should

now i dont mean what the news or anti illegal groups say, i want to know how u were personally affected by an act of an illegal.

i personally believe everyone should be giving a chance. everyone (yes even u white people) were illegal in this country. no one is technically legal here in the u.s if u go back generations.

but again thats my opinion
Hmmmm. Interesting. I keep reading over and over how

Who has more money, the Vatican or Masons?

The Vatican. Their art alone is probably worth billions.

i guess
The Knights Templar.

They only think that all of us were killed, fooled you.
The secrete society of evil and illegal MASONS.
At the core, they are both one and the same.

Do Americans think that British Servicemen fighting in the Afghan war on terror?

are only playing a Junior role? David Cameron thinks that in WWII Britain was the junior partner in the war against Hitler. Is he right and does that still apply today?
Honestly, some naive Americans think so. American servicemen, however, do not. The United States and Great Britain are allies. The British are there in support of the

Why is everyone excusing Sherrod of racism because of a slightly different ending being expanded by the video?

IF it was a tape of a white person in a government position saying

If you were Stalin, how would you fight Hitler?

Now, 27 million Soviets died partly as a result of Stalin

Socialists and Communists, what a joke huh?

Without government what are they? The commies have no community and the socialists have no social network. Funny how they bash the the churches who have both isn

How can me and my boyfriend get married on a fiance visa?

he is 16 living in england and i am 17 living in the usa. he is going to college for a year and i am going to collge too. so after a year he wants to move but i think he would have to wait till he is 18? idk and how am i suppose file for a fiance visa if i dont have an income but i live with my parents that make 130,000 a year so could that work as an income? plz people HELP!!!!
Once you are 18, go ahead and file for his K-1 Visa, using your parents as a co-sponsor, or someone else who makes the minimum required for a two-person household.

Your parents make enough, so you will be fine to have them co-sponsor your boyfriend when he becomes your fiance. You will also have to fill out a sponsor form (form I-134), even though you are a student.
also thank you a whole lot for taking up for us =]

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and do you have msn or anything just in case i have another question you have been such a big help =]

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You both have to be 18...
This has to be a joke. Waiting for the punch line.
You don

What was the

And how did that context make the comments not objectionable?
From the video, she seemed to sound NOT like a racist of the past. But more a racist of the present.

Trying to use that

Did the Shirley Sherrod incident demonstrate that the media often take comments out of context?

What was learned from this incident?
Conservatives are held to a higher standard for checking their sources.
it demonstrated that far right (and far left) groups will manipulate the media every chance they get
I hope the White House stops being so easily strung along by Faux news in the future. It

Which organization is more tolerant of bigoted racist views?

The Tea Party or the NAACP? Please give reasons for the answer.
The Tea Party is not racists. Many lefties and liberals consider it racist to have a sign with a black person, ie. Obama depicting something unsavory. In liberal society it is taboo to depict a black person doing anything angelic. I have been to a Tea Party and there was absolutely nothing racist. Many can

Have media outlets ever taken the comments of conservatives out of context?

If so, have they made retractions where warranted?
ROFLMAO. like ALL the time.

Rush Limbaugh comes to mind. I listen to him and this is done to him constantly.

I have never heard a retraction.
Libs do it everyday. Its part of the game.
Oh, I


I know that if it was a person, I would blow up in their face by telling them to shut up, walk away, and I wouldn

Do you think Joe Arpaio has the right Idea for housing the illegals?

They came here for better conditions. It must be an improvement from what they had from huts and shacks.

What do you think?

Every dog has her day, Kudos, I salute you. Americans young men and women live in un air conditioned tents, of their own free will, If illegals shared the same love for America, there would be no debate.
I think that whatever is cheapest and most effective while still being humane is fine. this works for me.

How can Shirley Sherrod be racist when shes friends with the White Farmers?

Cons on yahoo keep calling her racist even after the white farmers are defending her and it

Is it time for some in Washington to live among us and get a life?

Sheila Jackson Lee....Vietnam is ONE Country not North and South. Maybe she has been in Washington too long..............................

When Americans realize that they are the boss and Washington beaurocrats are the employees, only then will things change. Time for a change, and the purse strings need to be drawn shut by the people who are in charge, and they are not politicians.
Absolutely, yes. But too many are addicted to the Washington lifestyle and become lobbyists when their term is up. They never go back home, and no longer identify with the people they are supposed to serve.
There are many traits required in order to win the votes of an uneducated public. Intelligence is not one of them. That explains (at least in part) why the congress as a whole is much dumber than the general population.
This nit picking tit for tat trash needs to stop.

We all make verbal mistakes and the more you talk the more you can make. As long as you don

What does the

What does it cover?
It means business transactions between people in different states. It means establishing a standard set of

Whoa, Dem run Congress last place in poll, your comments appeciated?


What will we do when the unemployment checks , the retirement checks, the social security checks bounce....?

because we are broke?
American Woman, don`t worry yourself about these matters; we have Obama in the White House, he has every little detail under his control.He will make sure that he borrows a couple of trillions from China to cover all of those checks

Why are so many that laughed at Sarah Palin not laughing now?

Keep under estimating her libs, when she stomps the usurper in 2012 you will really cry.

Making fun of President Obama, Palin asked the crowd: Hows that hope-y, change-y stuff working out for you?

She believed what the crowd believed: It wasnt working out very well.

Maybe she wrote those lines on her palm; I dont know. But I dont think the crowd cared, especially when Palin said: This is about the people, and its bigger than any one king or queen of a tea party, and its a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter.

Today, Palin is going around the country endorsing and making speeches for Republican candidates with some success. Tuesday night in Georgia, former Secretary of State Karen Handel, who was endorsed by Palin, got 34 percent of the vote, while former U.S. Rep. Nathan Deal, endorsed by Newt Gingrich, got 23 percent of the vote.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/071
Sarah is America
They had to stop to catch their breath! ROFLMFAO
Lol, we are still laughing, maybe we are laughing so hard you went deaf? Ask El Rushbo who did his implant.

She has no chance on the National stage. If the G0P planted Alvin Green, I would not be surprised if Palin is a DNC plant, if she is she is doing a heck of a job for us.

In the reading of a will, what is

if the estate is responsible for paying for something, who or what is it?? does that include monies paid out of life insurance policies also?
Life insurance proceeds are included in the estate only if the estate is the beneficiary. If the beneficiary is a specific person, the pay out is not part of the estate but is the product of a contract that is unrelated to the estate. The deceased does not own the proceeds and cannot control their disposition after his death.
The estate is all property in all of its forms and can include those insurance policies
All assets the person had when they died, including insurance policies, 401 k accounts, bank accounts, personal property, real estate, etc., and liabilities as well.

Inqury into locherby bomber by USA = U.K inqury to why US Public, Donated money to IRA?

If you want to look at why we released the Locherby Bomber, can we have an inquiry to why many U.S citizens aided the IRA, by finical donations. Subsequently as a result lead to dozen of terrorist attacks all around the U.K killing over 2000 British and Irish citizens over 40 year period?

The articles a bit old. I don

Where did Judicial Review come from?

Was their any earlier ides of this suggested?
In the US it is based on Marbury v Madison decided by the Supreme Court in 1803. There were previous philosophical discussions of similar concepts during the Enlightenment.
Judicial Review is not apart of the Constitution. It came from judges and politicians claiming laws they made were unconstitutional and asking the Supreme Court to review the laws. This gave the court power that it did not have by the Constitution, setting a precedence of Judicial Review.


My understanding is that, in the USA, it started with the Supreme Court decision in Marbury vs. Madison.

If I take a part-time job, what happens to my unemployment?

I was laid off a few months and am receiving a small amount of money from unemployment. I

When will we have a Clean Energy Act?


The Right

Brightbart is called a racist by most people with his recent attempt to divide the nation with his Sherrod edited video. Does this show us just how desperate that he, that he has to once again make up stories and pad them with lies? Yet the Right takes him seriously. They believed him when he made up the prostitute and pimp tapes fro Acorn, all of which were found to be edited lies. Fox News ran with that too. Is is fairly easy to see that those on the Right either want to believe him or are themselves racists and agree with this type of sleazy false reporting?
The Right is always going to be a racist element in our society. It is a shame that to be Conservative these days you must put up with these racist elements. The Tea Party is a good example of how they just turn a blinds eye on racism. They deny it exists amongst them.
He is the worst kind of racist. Even Sherrod does not forgive him, she said people like him are out to divide the nation. She is correct, What is a shame is that many on the Right take his word for gold. This scumbag should be

Is the free ride black people get by useing the

With years of the Race Card be over used, has it finally ran out of credit? Now that people are openly standing up against reverse racism and the organisations that promote it (NAACP, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam) are these groups going to finally find their place and start doing the job they were meant to be doing or are they going to continue to race bate and drive a wedge between people even more so then they are.

One welcome change as of late is that in the past if anyone of any other race then black stood up and called these types of people out on the racism they spread, they were labeled loons and racist themselves, now (thank God) people are saying

America has largely moved beyond race. Tragically, our president has not?

What do you think of that statement?

I think Sophie

Republicans, can you explain what the word

Sarah Palin--the infinitiely superior, intelligent, articulate, amazing leader of the Conservatives-- cannot speak English, and she proved it yet again. She said

What lesson about America should we all take from the Shirley Sherrod incdent?

Is it the one that they were trying to bring home on CNN

Why does the news for the Dems just keep getting worse and worse?

this morning at the Quinnipiac Poll

If Yankees are so much smarter than us hicks in Arkansas, why is Newark NJ so broke?

they are getting ready to fire 350 cops/firefighters and refuse to buy toilet paper. Seems all the liberal yankee states/cities are going broke

When are the Tea-Baggers gonna get it?


Do you need a permit or some type of business license to collect scrap metal from peoples houses to sell?

I live in Long Beach California and want to collect metals to sell at a local recycling location but don

Well, was I right about unemployment claims ?

I posted an answer when the government

Are Yahoo Answers moderators just deleting questions because they don

I have had several questions reported for being

Who can guess the real reason Rod R. Blagojevich chose not to testify as promised?

Speculate: finally took lawyers advise, political decision, OR FEAR OF THE OBAMA WING OF THE CHICAGO MAFIA?
Fear of Tony Resko

Should everyone just have equal money?

This would work, for about ten years, maybe less, then the whole system would collapse. You can only use other peoples money for so long before it runs out. A hippie commune does this, everybody is equal, but if someone is not pulling their weight, they are kicked out. Just how are you going to kick out people who decide not to pull their weight? People who continue not to help, not work, and basically refuses to do their fare share. Out of 350 million people, at least 35 million would fall under that category and that number would grow evey year.

When are we going to tear down the Mt. Gilead Baptist Church in Mobile?


FIrst there was Van Jones, then came along Anita Dunn, and now we have Shirley Sherrod?

What will be the next skeleton to emerge from Obama

Can somebody refresh my memmory on how Obama and the Rev Wright thing all got swept under the rug?

and OBama got elected anyways?
I remember how the liberal media yawned and said how it just didn